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Paparazzi Boyz Photography / PBMIonline

Often called the "Mad Scientist", Eric Scott has many parts to him much like a puzzle. Considered an amazing and upcoming chef, he loved and enjoyed cooking. Soon after hanging up his knives, he transformed himself into a master mixologist, creating specialty cocktails from behind the bar as well as at private venues. In fall of 2005, Eric Scott was photographed bartending and engaging the crowd. Days later, and a few conversations later, the Paparazzi Boyz were born. Eric Scott has always found himself in front of the camera, posing and showing love to the various patrons and event guest he created amazing cocktails for. But when it was all said and done, he found his true passion behind the lens. By the images in his portfolio, many are glad he did. Still considered a rookie by many in the industry, Eric Scott has always stayed humble and challenges himself with each and every shoot. I for one, can't wait to see Eric Scott, when he feels he's mastered his new craft !

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