Getting Started

It's easy to get started on GlamGallery. Use the guide below to help you create your profile and upload your first set of images.

Click "Sign Up" on the homepage to bring up the Sign Up form. Priority Access is limited to models and photographers for now, so that box is pre-checked. You may also sign up with Facebook Twitter or Google+

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On the next page, you will have the option to choose between a Model or Photographer profile. Based on which you select, you will be prompted to fill in some basic details about yourself (name, country etc.).

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After this information is filled out, you will be taken to the next screen, to fill in additional information that will appear on your public profile (alias/display name, website, headline/about etc).

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Next, you will be directed to the photo upload screen where you can upload your professional and personal photos (with a description, tags, any collaborators and genre). Please note: the max upload will be 20 images at a time. You will be able to upload more once your images have finished processing.

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Once you've added your photos, you will be directed to your dashboard. The site will create thumbnails of all your images automatically. Your photos might appear as placeholder images until processing is complete, but they will show up soon.

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From your dashboard, you can customize your cover photo and profile photo, as well as bulk edit your photos, change your profile information and manage email settings.

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Once we go live, your dashboard will be where you access the rest of GlamGallery's features, such as messaging and adding friends. Thanks again for signing up for Priority Access!

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It's free to join. Check out our Getting Started guide for a walkthrough of creating your account and adding your first photos, or learn more about us. Or, sign up as a fan and connect with the models and photographers you want to support. The FAQ page will answer any other questions you may have. Sign up today, build your profile, and start connecting.

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About GlamGallery

The idea behind GlamGallery is a simple one: Create a community where fans can access exclusive premium content, be able to connect with artists they love, and discover new artists along the way. Fans now have a way to provide meaningful recognition to artists for their best work, and artists can use GlamGallery to receive revenue for their valuable content.

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